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Join me in my day-to-day adventures in the magical world of public transit, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.  Feel free to share your own tales and I will figure out how to post them!

Other posts may include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, GoT, Harry Potter, Bob's Burgers, and anything else that I find amusing.

Yesterday I noticed that they put in new lights at the station, but I have to wonder why. The trains have ridiculously huge headlights, so it’s not like they can’t see. Realistically, it’s probably for employees that have to go down there and do maintenance or something, but here are a few other explanations:
The trains are afraid of the dark
The mice were complaining that they couldn’t see
They wanted us passengers to see just how dirty everything is
What new lights? Those have always been there…
 Also, fun side note: When I took this photo, I was trying to be all sneaky and take it without anyone noticing. However, my phone betrayed me and the flash went off… ever feel like everyone on a packed train platform was staring at you? I have.
Wow. This is just perfect

Throwing it back, because it’s Thursday

I’m not sure how many TbT’s I can manage with my stories alone, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I had just gotten minor surgery done on my toe.  I boarded a very crowded train at the end of a long day and realized I would have to stand for the whole way back; disappointing, but not unmanageable, even with a gimpy toe.  Anyways, a kind gentleman sitting down must have noticed my heavily bandaged toe (I was wearing flip flops, so it didn’t take superpowers to see).  He got up and offered me his seat and I accepted with gratitude.  While this in itself makes a great story, I’m actually not finished.  You see, this man happened to be sitting next to an older woman… a very tired older woman.  For the whole ride I was stuck with the difficult decision of either feeling uncomfortable and letting her sleep on my shoulder, or feeling guilty as I accidentally-on-purpose nudged her to wake her up.  I initially went with option two, until I realized that resistance was futile and she was gonna sleep wherever she damn-well pleased.

And that’s the story of why I’m grateful for a kind stranger unintentionally putting me in an awkward and uncomfortable situation.


So of course the day after I decide to start documenting my commuting adventures nothing exciting happens. But while at work, for the second time in my life, I saw a guy walk into a glass door. It was someone our group had been talking to, so it was socially acceptable for us all to burst out laughing. Which is lucky cuz I might’ve done it anyway.

The start of something wonderful…

Ok so I have haven’t use this thing in forever, but boy is that about to change. Starting now I’ll be chronicling my day-to-day commuting adventures as a public transit user. There may be other posts sprinkled in there of random things that I find amusing, but we’ll just have to see what happens. So for my very first post, I give you this:

I was waiting on the platform for my usual train as people were boarding Acela train that usually precedes it. When it seemed like everyone had boarded, the conductor went inside and shut the doors so that they could go. So as the Acela train is moving forward, this girl pushed her way forward with her suitcase and starts banging on the door because she wants to be let in. Now let me repeat that: this girl wanted a MOVING ACELA TRAIN filled with people to STOP SHORT because she couldn’t make it to the platform on time. Needless to say she was not successful. So as the train continued forward, she yelled “Are you fucking kidding me?!” And stormed off.

One of my favorite bobs burgers moments

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The child actors in game of thrones are just mind blowing

I just love this. They’re great :D

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Pocket Artillery: Mini Cannon

That was so much more impressive than I expected

I’d do the same thing if somebody gave me a corona



Pocket Artillery: Mini Cannon

That was so much more impressive than I expected

I’d do the same thing if somebody gave me a corona

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These always make me laugh

These always make me laugh

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I can relate to this.

I can relate to this.

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With allergy season upon us, this sounds about right



For all you Les Mis fans out there!  I give you “EXTRA DAY!” (ONE DAY MORE) 

This is pretty hilarious!  Would love to see some of these in the actual show!

Reblogging because I finally had the chance to listen to this (not just reblog with MIStranslation puns) and…I am crying with laughter. This does not usually happen to me. My face is wet. My heart is light. My breathing is highly irregular. Do watch this. 

Well I think I just found another YouTube channel to subscribe to

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shegrewwildbutinnocent DRUNKEN BABY!!!!!!!! I think we need more drunken baby gifs in our lives
Anna is tired of your shit, Elsa

Anna is tired of your shit, Elsa

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